Services Provided

Leave the work to us!

Maintenance - We handle maintenance problems of every kind! We rely on our own handymen and a stable of contractors to ensure quality work, quick turnaround and competitive pricing. 

Rent Collection - We take a professional, diligent approach to collecting rents on time each and every month. Our expectations and procedures are made crystal clear to tenants prior to the signing of a lease. In addition, rent payments are quickly disbursed to landlords through electronic direct deposit or a standard check.

Move In/Move Out Reports - Each property is photographed before and after tenants take possession of the property to document any damage that may have been incurred. A detailed checklist is also used, and each room is inspected closely to document damage or irregularities.

Eviction Services/Suit Fillings - We follow a proven and standard practice when it comes to late rent. After a five - day grace period, we begin paperwork on legal proceedings regardless of the situation or excuse. TCG Property Management is well versed in landlord - tenant laws and, when necessary, we take swift and professional steps to ensure a smooth eviction process. We handle the entire eviction process so you do not have to.

Routine Inspections - We inspect property interiors and exteriors on a quarterly basis to ensure they are being well maintained by tenants. We keep landlords informed of any concerns with property and/or tenants.

Monthly & Annual Financial Statements - Every month TCG Property Management will provide a Landlord Ledger. We also provide landlords with a 1099 at the end of each year, as required by law.